HerStory Ensemble

HerStory Ensemble Newsletter Spring 2016

HerStory Ensemble's primary goal is to address the social and economic justice issues of homelessness. Our work provides an opportunity to bring focus to the issue of homelessness and advocacy efforts to end it.


First Annual Empowerment and Advocacy Award Benefit

Thank you to everyone who attended and contributed in some way to the success of our April 29, 2016 at LAVISH in Wimington, DE. It was an evening of hope, inspiration, and celebration. Continued congratulations to Veronika Scott and The Empowerment Plan, the first recipients of the HerStory Ensemble Empowerment and Advocacy Award, for work transforming lives of women and men in Detroit, MI, and in providing coats for people experiencing homelessness that can be utilized as sleeping bags. Each coat is made by former homeless women abd men.  Their employment provides a path to obtaining and maintaining housing. 


Senate Bill 134- Homeless Persons Bill of Rights

HerStory Ensemble has been in the forefront in the development and pasage of a Homeless Persons Bill of Rights for the State of Delaware. Efforts are being made to bring greater awareness and education related to the Bill and the isue of homelessness. Senate Bill 134 is authored by Senator Bryan Townsend, and co-sponsored by others including Senator Bethany Hall-Long.  State Representative Stephanie Bolden will present the Bill to the State House of Representatives. "This Bill provides persons experiencing homelessness protection from discrimination while on the streets and when seeking access to housing, employment, and temporary shelteras necessary to end  their episode of homelessness. This Bill amends Title 6 by adding Chapter 78, 'Homeless Persons Bill of Rights,' which provides basic legal and civil protections and ensures equal treatment for persons experiencing homelessness in Delaware."- Synopsis from Senate Bill 134.  

 Pictured (left to right): DeBorah Gilbert White, PhD-Founder/Coordinator HerStory Ensemble, State Representative Stephanie Bolden, Senator Bethany Hall-Long, and Sherri Akil-supporter and planning committe member, HerStory Ensemble.