HerStory Ensemble

                                HerStory Ensemble Spring 2018

HerStory Ensemble's primary goal is to address the social and economic justice issues of homelessness. Our work provides an opportunity to bring focus to the issue of homelessness and advocacy efforts to end it.


                             Beyond Charity Initiative


Imagine. Former homeless women partnering with the largest online wellness shopping club in North America in an effort to provide permanent housing to women and families experiencing homelessness!  We have partnered with Melaleuca (The Wellness Company), to raise funds for a down payment on our first multi-unit building. When you become a Preferred Customer, you are supporting our "Beyond Charity Initiative"  to fulfill HerStory Enemble's mission and vision. As our Melaleuca Preferred Customer you have many benefits including up to 15% discount when shopping our online retail partners including Macy's, The Home Depot, Walmart, and Target.  Become a Melaleuca Member, Save, and help us end homelessness!  

To Learn more about Melaleuca and its health, wellness, and environmentally friendly cleaning and household products visit http://melaleuca.com/drdgw.


Pictured: Eco-friendly household cleaning and laundry products.  Good for the Environment! Good for You!


 5/25/2018                                         REMEMBERING OUR VETERANS

As the granddaughter, sister, niece, and cousin of Veterans, I was honored to share remarks from Delaware's Lt. Governor Bethany Hall-Long at the National Association for Black Veterans (NABVETS) Inc. Kickoff Memorial Weekend Program honoring World War II and Korean War Veterans.  A the wife of a Navy Veteran, Bedthany Hall-Long continues to work tirelessly to address the issues impacting veterans, including homelessness. Thank you Lt. Governor for asking me and HerStory Ensemble to be part of this important commemorative ocassion.

5/14/2018                              Right To Housing Forum


Society For The Psychological Study of Social Issues

Please join HerStory Ensemble and others as we explore social issues through a psychological lens. Our interactive discussion "Homelessness: Expanding the Narrative And Protecting Rights" explores homelessness as a growing social and justice issue, homeless legislation, and how stereotypes,myths, prejudice, and discrimination influence and shape the conversation about how people experiencing homelessness are engaged in communities.Legislation and campaigns are being developed toprotect people's himaity, dignity, self-respect, and rights. This discusson shaes how collaborative efforts between commuity organizations, educators, legislators, and national groups and organizations can address social issues such as homelessness by develping policy, promoting awareness and education, and ending its criminalization. The session will share the collaborators journey toward ensuring that housing status does not harm life options and opportunities.  The pending Homeless Bill of Rights for the State of Delaware, Mckinneyh-Vento Homeless Assistance Act, and the National Housing Not Handcuffs Campaign are central to the conversation. To learn more about SPSSI or the upcoming conference visit www.spssi.org.