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                    HerStory Ensemble Winter 2018

HerStory Ensemble's primary goal is to address the social and economic justice issues of homelessness. Our work provides an opportunity to bring focus to the issue of homelessness and advocacy efforts to end it.


A New Year of Hope and Advocacy


As we enter 2018 we at HerStory Ensemble would like to thank those who have walked along side us to support women who are experiencing homelessness, are former homeless or at risk of homelessness.  The year 2017 presented many challenges and opportunities toward expanding the narrative about the issue of homelessness and advocacy for a Homeless Bill of Rights for Delaware.

Herstory Ensemble was able to assist women experiencing homelessness and coming out of homelessness by assisting in keeping cell phone service, obtaining a medical walker for better mobility, coordinating transportation services for appointments with doctors and service agencies, providing transportation for grocery shopping, and securing storage for persnal possessions.

The Community Empowerment Institute (the education arm of HerStory Ensemble) launched in Fall 2017, participated in a broad spectrum of community activites focused on homelessness. Counted among these was county viewings of the movies "Pursuit of Happyness" highlighting childhood homelessness and parenting, "Peace Train: Next Stop-HOUSING" an interactive play supporting Peace Week Delaware 2017 to bring focus to the need for more affordable housing, and our continued promotion of our legislative advocacy cards supporting Senate Bill 49, Delaware's pending Homeless Bill of Rights.

We began 2017 as co-coordinators of the "Housing Not Handcuffs Community Justice Walk" commemorating the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in Dover, DE and end hopeful about the coming new year.  If you have not already done so, visit www.housingnothandcuffs.org and sign to support affordable housing and to end criminalization of homelessness.  Also contact HerStory Ensemble to obtain Legislative Advocacy cards requesting Delaware Senators support Senate Bill 49 to protect the rights of people experiencing homelessness while seeking housing, employment, and services.

We pledge to continue to be a voice for the voiceless and to promote empowerment in 2018 by addressing the stigma, stereotypes, myths, criminalization and discrimination connected to the issue of homelessness.  A specail thank you to the advisory members and supporters of HerStory Ensemble. Yes, we are empowered to End Homelessness.



The Color of Unity Peace March

January 15, 2018

 Wilmington, Delaware 

Join HerStory Ensemble in community as we march on behalf of people experiencing homelessness and to bring awareness about Senate Bill 49- Delaware's Homeless Bill of Rights, the National Housing Not Handcuffs Campaign, and celebrate the social justice work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  The March is sponsored by Wilmington Peacekeepers.


Martin Luther King, Jr. Peace March and Celebraton Wilmington, DE

HerStory Ensemble was joined on MLK Day by young people who marched for people experiencing homelessness.  We were reminded of the intregal role children and young people played in the Civil Rights Movement. The March provided an opportunity to share with the community about our work on the issue of homelessness and to bring deeper awareness about Delaware's pending Homeless Bill of Rights- Senate Bill 49.  To learn more about SB49. To learn more about SB49 visit http://legis.delaware.gov/ and connect with your Delaware State Senator to request they support assuring all people regardless of housing status equal opportunity to live in decent, safe, secure, and affordable housing. There is no place in our great state for discrimination toward people experiencing homelessness; our most vulnerable on the streets, and those of among the invisible majority while seeking housing, employment, and services.




Please Join us February 25th for this timely Podcast as we share information about Delaware's pending Homeless Bill of Rights- Senate Bill 49, the National Housing Not Handcuffs Campaign, and other efforts addressing homelessness and its emerging issues locally and nationally.


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