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Homeless Bill of Rights for the State of Delaware 

In 2012 the question was asked "Is there a homeless persons bill of rights for the State of Delaware?"  We were told no.  On June 11, 2015, Senate Bill 134 was filed. The bill provided people experiencing homelessness protection from discrimination while on the streets and when seeking housing, employment, and temporary shelter.  On May 18, 2016, Senate Bill 134 was heard before  the Community/County Affairs Committee.  Following testimony from national and local community advocates on behalf of this legislation, S.B. 134 was signed out of committee. We were another step closer to having a Homeless Bill of Rights for the State of Delaware. 

Pictured: DeBorah Gilbert White of HerStory Ensemble (Wilmington, DE) at table, sharing her story of homelessness with Senate Committee members, along with members from The ACE Center (Seaford, DE) in background. 

Pictured: Eric Tars (Washington, D.C.) of National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty providing testimony about cost benefits for Homeless Bills of Rights as opposed to crimnalization policies.

In April, 2017 Senate Bill 49 was filed. It is an amended version of the Delaware Homeless Bill of Rights. The current pending bill continues to protect people experiencing homelessness from discrimination while seeking housing, employment, and services.  The bill's anticipated hearing is June, 2017. Please visit the Delaware State Legislature website to read the current pending bill and follow us here and on Facebook for updates.  

Delaware State Legislature

Senate Bill 49 - Delaware Homeless Bill of Rights