HerStory Ensemble

  • Homelessness Advocacy→ Opportunity→ Empowerment →                              

Social enterprise and entrepreneurship supports a mindset and way of engaging in business that promotes the common good.  Homelessness among many things, is an economic, social, and justice issue with ramifications that impact us all.  We invite you to support our mission to end homelessness, and our vision of affordable, safe, and secure housing as a reality for all women. You can help us disrupt the cycle of poverty, support a pathway to economic empowerment, and make a tangible difference in women's lives. The purchase of goods and services through HerStory Ensemble provides financial support for our work and for the women who share their creative gifts. We will be offering note cards created by HerStory Ensemble members, publications authored by women who understand the issues of poverty, homelessness, and the empowerment of women, and income generating opportuntities to support our mission and vision. We encourage you to spend your dollars with organizations and businesses working for transformative change. HerStory Ensemble is always appreciative of your support.

Economic Development

HerStory Ensemble at its core is about sharing women's stories of hope, triumph, and empowerment. Through the sharing of stories we are able to develop greater awareness, promote education about the issue of homelessness and the people who experience it, and to push for solutions to end it. Our advocacy work in community toward social equity and justice for people experiencing homelessness is embodied in Delaware legislation such as the Homeless Bill of Rights.  HerStory Ensemble is the only community-based organization in the State of Delaware comprised of people who know homelessness and its emerging issues experientially working with legislators on awareness, education, and promotion for passage of a homeless bill of rghts for Delaware.  We are also involved nationally working against the criminalization of homelessness with other groups and organizations.  This is why we need your financial assistance through our social enterprise(s) to support our work.