HerStory Ensemble

About Us

HerStory Ensemble is a community-based advocacy, artistic, economic development and empowerment organization comprised of women who use their experience with homelessness to connect with others to facilitate transformative change. We provide a unique, necessary, and significant way for women whom homelessness has affected directly to share personally about experiences, to earn income, and to advocate for themselves and others. Through community involvement and social enterprise, HerStory Ensemble provides women with income opportunities to support attaining and maintaining housing. HerStory Ensemble members facilitate and participate in workshops, forums, panel discussions, presentation and performance venues to provide awareness, education, and promote advocacy efforts to end homelessness.

HerStory Ensemble participants are compensated for their involvement and a portion of proceeds from our social enterprise efforts support the overall mission of HerStory Ensemble. Our social enterprise business model promotes the common good, and the well-being of women impacted by homelessness. It provides an economic pathway for women most in need beyond charity by promoting empowerment, economic development, and embracing transformational change.

HerStory Ensemble is an empowerment tool for women who are currently experiencing homelessness, who have experienced homelessness, or who are at risk of homelessness to build bridges with others.  Our advocacy efforts allow us to be an authentic empowered voice regarding homelessness to community, state, and national organizations working with homelessness and its emerging issues. We are "Empowered To End Homelessness."